Dragon symbol-wallpaper-2400x1350
The Seal of the Xinjiang Clan
The Xinjiang Clan were a long line of Dragon Emperors and powerful dragons. They were seen as legendary figures throughout many orders. Their main rivals were the Pride Clan.


The Xinjiang's were granted abilities in categories such as in magic, demonic powers and creature affairs. Only a Xinjiang could use the Dragon Eye and could undergo the Triusion transformation (mind of a human, soul of a demon and vessel/body of a creature). Due to the Triusion power, a member of the Xinjiang Clan were more powerful than any ordinary demon, creature and a human. Only a Xinjiang can use the Triusion technique the Dragon Eye.


Responsibilities of the Xinjiang Clans include being the Dragon Emperor, a noble in the Council of Scales and a high-ranking member of the Dragon Empire.



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