Vital statistics
Real name William
The only son of the legendary first order legend Scorch and of the human Eliza Bekken. He was the first non-dragon member to be recruited into Legacy by Che Che. He is a member of the Resistance.


He was borned on Earth in Arcadia but was raised in the Dragon World by his father Scorch. He was then kidnapped from Scorch by Cheeco to lure him out but failed. He end up raising William alongside his son Che Che. He, Che Che and plus additional members came together and formed the Legacy which he was ranked second and the only non-dragon on the team. Since he was adopted by Cheeco so he was sent to be a student of MG Academy along with Che Che and Chiki. Since his birth he as always refuse the use of his CID and has tried everyway to get rid of them. In MG Academy he had only two friends Che Che and Zane making everyone else is enemy. After the rise of the Dark Knights, he and the other non-Dark Knights allies fled the Earth with the help of Kahliel and the Overlords to Sentral where he undergo constant and vigorous training.


He always seems think himself as a inferior since he is CID but trys make people think of his as an Arcadian prince


  • Magical abilities
  • Covertion
  • Nature related abilities
  • Mask mutation
  • Enhanced condition