Anima Ophiel the fallen Angel by Wen M
Vital statistics
Real name Viktor Thompson
Species Fiend

Viktor Thompson was one of the three sons of the Magician, older brother of Maarkus and Hector Thompson, and father of Vince Thompson. He is a Trickster. Viktor was the ruler of Abyss and the leader of Revelation. Also known as Gambit.


At his birth, he was sealed away into abyss where he became its ruler. Growing up in with the Chimeras and he had an ability to induce and manipulate Chaos. He made it into child’s world then into a war-zone to choose only the best to follow him. After meeting others who were sealed in at their birth, he formed an alliance with them called the Revelation. Upon discussing, they realized that all wanted revenge upon the elders, which made it easier for him to lead them. He then created a creation to go Earth to make the necessary preparations for him and the other members. Viktor then heard about Hector and Maarkus sending people to fight for them so he created a counter group for the both of them called the Triple Fury. As he was rising in power, Maarkus contacted him by freeing them into Earth. After becoming free he ordered all members to warm up by destroying Earth which they almost completed but was interfered by the Ancient Alliance and was sealed away again (except Creation, Viktor ordered him to flee). He was sealed in the deepest levels of Abyss where none could survive.


He was a bit devious and bizarre which what makes him so dangerous


  • Chaos Manipulation
  • Trick