The undead Army
Location Hell (Underworld)
it is a race of deceased corporeal beings that resides in the Underworld. All deceased corpses are comsidered to be an undead. They were created by The SOURCE as apart of his Infernal Army. They were later led by Ammon Ra who was defeated and speared by Maarkus to become his servant and manages the distribution of Undead warriors. They are four types race of Undead;


These are the weakest and stupiest undead but the largest of all the Undead races. They are the easiest to control and mostly seen as foot soldiers of almost any undead army.


They are much harder to control than the Zombies but are far more skilled and smarter than them. It is very difficult to create an Skeleton warrior.


These are creatures awaken with a blood lust, they are more smarter, faster, stronger and skillers than a zombi making them very dangerous at the night time.


Grim ReaperEdit

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