The Titans were five corrupt Elementals who were members of the Imperial Army and the specialized ops team the Imperial Force. They were lastly known as the weapon of the Charred Council.


They were a member of the Imperial Army known as the Imperial Force until they were tricked by Osmosis to betrayed the Imperials and was sealed away by Imperiax. They were awaken Zyuse under a apell to become weapon of the Charred Council. After they were free, they cause a trail of destruction and was deemed unstoppable because of this Imperiax received a prophecy from Vincent saying that he must face the Titans in the final Battle. In the Final Battle, they were led by Zyuse to face Imperiax at their full power which cause them to break Zyuse's hold over them and almost kill Imperiax but was saved by Neson resulting their death and his.


Before becoming monsterous and mindless, they were very friendly and serious at times.


Air TitanEdit

  • Aeromancy

Earth TitanEdit

  • Geomancy

Fire TitanEdit

  • Pyromancy

Thunder TitanEdit

  • Electromancy

Water TitanEdit

  • Cryomancy
  • Hydromancy


  • Weather manipulation
  • Magma manipulation
  • Elemental manipulation