Vital statistics
Real name Unknown
Alias The SOURCE, First demon, Demon creator,Father of evil & Villains
Species Demon

The SOURCE is the king of all things evil, leader of the Infernal Army and member of Charred Council. His was usually accompany by The Destroyer. He is the first The Source of all Evil. Throughout history villains pray to him for victory and inspiration.


He was formed from a coalition of powers from the all members of the Charred Council. He was then trained by Zyuse Xinjiang as if he was his own son. After many years under Zyuse The SOURCE along with The Destroyer placed attack on Imperial City, where they effortlessly defeated the Imperial Army soldiers. He tag team with The Destroyer to face Vincent Thompson, but knowing that he was outmatched he created Legion to assist in the fight against of The SOURCE and the Destroyer. After that fight he became obsess with another chance at Vincent, so he spent his time rampaging on his allies & soldiers creating a shockwave across the mutliverse. Among all the members of Charred Council he cause the most chaos is deemed the most feared. After many simultaneous attacks, he was severely injured by Beast King and the Colony and was put to rest by Zyuse. He was called upon from his rest in the Final Battle, where he was led into war by Zyuse, while leading the Infernal Army where he faced Vincent and was vanquished. In legends it states that all thing evil comes from him and all villains are his offspring.

As The SOURCE of all EvilEdit

He is incredibly powerful seeing he could take on all the members of the Charred Council showing only Vincent could match up to his power. Vincent also stated that only a Alpha could take him down because if anyone managed to kill him, his essence would be transfer into his killer. He had control over beings of evil.


He was very gloomy and full of pride. He gives no one respect except Zyuse


  • Malefic Force
  • Dark Arts
  • Nether/Death Force Manipulation


  • Pitch fork


  • He is real name cannot be uttered or it would the end of times that why he was referred to as The SOURCE