The Magician
Dr. Strange
Vital statistics
Real name Unknown, last name probably Thompson
Alias Prince of Magic
Species Mage

The Magician is the son of Throne, the husband of Susan Reeves and the father of Viktor, Maarkus and Hector Thompson. He was a apprentice of Zekriah Magus and one of his greatest student. He was a member of the covenant and the Leader of the Elders. He was earth protector of magic.


As a boy, he was trained by Zekriah Magus to defeat Blackwatch. He was a prodigy at magic while growing up and was considered Zekriah's best student. He fell in love with Odabella, but she broke up with him. He left the Covenant to confront Morpheus but was defeated by the Dark Magician. He then went out to get allies which resulted in the formation of the Elders. With The Elders behind him, it resulted in a very long war between them and the Blackwatch, in which they managed to succeed in by killing & sealing all members of the Blackwatch. He then had three children with his wife Susan Reeves but had to seal away the first one due a vision he had. His second was constantly rejected by him after the death of his wife. The youngest child was his favorite and his protege, who he trained and guided to defeat his second son. Other than that he was not much seen again after in MG: The End Part 2 where he aided the Resistance against the Dark Knights.


  • Magic
  • Combat Expert


  • Himself
  • Psionics


  • Wand
  • Grimoire
  • Hat