The Destroyer
Vital statistics
Real name None
The Destroyer is the most powerful Ergon and the most destructive being in existence.


He was created by Vincent Thompson but was sealed away with all the other Ergons because they were too dangerous to mankind. After building enough power he escaped to have his revenge against Vincent, but instead was captured by the Charred Council. His power level was then siphoned along with the members of Charred Council, including the Titans to be added to Zyuse so he could defeat Vincent and the Beast King but it instead result in the creation of The SOURCE. The SOURCE was the only person who could control and communicate with The Destroyer. When the Charred Council placed on Imperial City he tag teamed with the SOURCE to take down Vincent but failed when Vincent created Legion on spot to assist him against both him and The Source. After the SOURCE was weaken and put to rest he was sealed away because no one else could control him. In the final battle he was awoken by the SOURCE to face Legion but was ultimately defeated by him.


He has no emotion except when he wanted revenge against Vincent.


  • Energy Manipulation
  • Destruction