A Supreme Overlord is the lord of all things sentient and ruler of various regions. They are viewed as super powered armoured Deities. In Aztec history, the Supreme Overlord was written in ancient tablets, symbolizing that the first Supreme Overlord was there with the introduction of science, technology, weapons and knowledge.


  • To control and direct the flow of sentience.
  • One of the two main defenders of Earth

Known Supreme OverlordsEdit

Sub TitlesEdit

Since the death of the Supreme Overlord, the Overlords created new ways of leadership like the;

  • Galactic Overlord: He is the ruler & deity of the universe. King of aliens
  • Machine Lord: King of all machines, automatons or mechas and the personal guardian of the Supreme Overlord.


  • Science Manipulation
  • Psionics
  • Technomancy
  • Creation (Sentients & weapons only)
  • Convertion
  • Omniscient
  • Omnilingualism


  • Tree of Knowledge
  • Truth Seeker


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