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Vital statistics
Real name Stevenson Magnus
He is the son of Zekriah Magnus and younger brother of Exodus Magnus. He was a member of Legacy but now a member of the Dark Knights.


He was borned in Krakatoa alongside his older brother where they trained by their father Zekriah. He was then lured by bis brother Exodus to dethroned their father and which they did. After dethroning their father, he was sent to Earth to infiltrate Legacy. He then became a prominent member of Legacy where he was very loyal and important on the team. He continued to be a member of the Legacy until it was revealed that he was in leagued with Genesis and was a secret member of the Nexus. He is the reason why the Legacy became unstable and untrustworthy. After the rise of the Dark Knights era, he was seen undergoing constant training and stealth missions.


He is a very goofy person who knows when to get serious.


  • Illusion Manipulation: He is a master of illusions