Vital statistics
Real name Asan Holien
Species CID

He is the king of all CIDs, longest surving first class legend and former member of Colony. He is the Father of William Holien and husband of Sarah Heidi. He is the smartest creature in history.


Scorch was a slave named Asan Holien who sold by Ozmosis to Zyuse to perform experimentation. After experimenting on Asan he killed Zyuse the Terrible unborned son and escaped to Beast King's forest due to Neson surprised attack. After the conflict between Beast King and Zyuse for him, Beast told him to leave, knowing he alone can protect tried to earn his respect by finding King Kaptus. After liberated King Kaptus and the Treants from Osmosh'ns he given the title lieutentant of the Colony and earned a new enemy Ozmosis. After gaining this title he created an army of CIDS & two special CIDS Scarcy & MJK Encyclopaedia saw him as his copy and hated for it. He was the most wanted man of the Charred Council. In final battle, while being he led by Beast King, he led the CIDS to face Ozmosis where he killed him after which reveals his doomsday weapon to destroy this world, Scorch then spring into action and stop the weapon from activating. Because he is only hero alive he spread the story of their legacy. Later down through time After aiding in Cheeco's defeat he was killed by Jerome and succeed by MJK


He is a charismatic being that would go at extreme to achieve peace. He has great respects for everyone in the Colony and Neson.


  • Magical abilities
  • Covertion
  • Nature related abilities
  • Mask mutation
  • Enhanced condition