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Vital statistics
Real name Unknown
Alias Captain Universe
Species Sentient

The Ringmaster was the son of Icarus Blade, grandson of Neson Blade and the father of Malcom, Kahliel and Tedesco Blade. He was the Galactic Overlord till he passed the title to his son Tedesco. He was a member of the Elders and Seireitei.


He was born in Sentral where he was raised to be a conqueror by his father Icarus. He then left his father and his teachings and went into space where the Overlords gave him a title called the Galactic Overlord. As the Galactic Overlord, he created order throughout the universe by but was then recruited by The Magician to join the Elders and take down his father and the Blackwatch. He confronted his father, where he tried to reason with him that ended up in a battle between them where he was defeated. After many failed assaults made by him & the Elders against his father & the Blackwatch, they finally fully succeeded by killing all the members and sealing away their armies. He then had three but had sealed away the first born and gave the youngest his former title to rule over the Seireitei where he returned and killed Lord Galoon then left for good. As the ruler of Sentral, he was challedge by Ragnarok which resulted in the Krakatoa-Sentral War which caused him not to aid The Magician, prevent the arrival of Malcolm and the death of his son Tedesco. He ended the war by killing Ragnarok but was captured by his son Captain Karisma and Captain Zero, causing Captain Karisma to assumed throne of Sentral. He later escaped to give Asmon his Supreme Overlord crystal and then disappeared.

As the Galactic OverlordEdit

He was appointed this title by the Overlords in their efforts to replace the Supreme Overlord. As the Galactic Overlord, he lowered himself as common Union soldier to achieved peace. His last job as the Galactic Overlord was when killed Lord Galoon and passed the title over his youngest son Tedesco.


He is a very mysterious person whose real face is unknown.


  • Universal Manipulation
  • Cosmic Manipulation
  • Psionics
  • Technomancy
  • Nigh-Omniscient
  • Genius-level intellect


  • Cube