Vital statistics
Real name Ranch Pride
He is son of Roarke Pride, grandson of The Beast King, father of Pumba, Jacob and Charles Pride. He is member of the Elders. He was the Tribal Chief of the creatures in Purgatory and the founder & leader of the Rangers.


He was born on Purgatory, where he was raised by his father to be the next Tribal Chief. He saw the idea of giving creatures authority over other creatures was instupid, so when he grew up into power he changed the law enforcement from creatures to elven. As the chief of the Rangers, his job got a lot harder and exhausting. He was attacked by Nova from the Blackwatch which caused devasting results upon Purgatory plus it enrages him to perform a counterattack but failed. He was later recruited to join the Elders which he did. Not knowing that there actions would result in a war between the Elders-Blackwatch. He and Nova had battle many times each with different results but ended when he killed him. He later produced three children where he had to sealed away the first born. He has been seen at many Elders meeting, he also teams up with Bulrush and many occasions and anything about Purgatory. He was lastly seen giving Chiki his Beast King crystal then disappeared.


He is like Father; aggresive, hateful and vengeful. Other than that he is a nice person when you follow his commands, stay out of his way and when everything going his way.


  • Animal Control
  • Animal Mimicry
  • Animal Creation
  • Animal Morphing
  • Animal Transformation
  • Magic
  • Animal Spirit Manipulation