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Vital statistics
Real name Ozmosis Ozare Ooze
Alias Slave King
Species Osmosh'n

He was an elemental commander of Imperial Army created by Vincent. He is the father of Vadim Ooze. He is the first king of the Osmosh'ns. He is a member of the Charred Council. He is also known as the Slave King.


He was an Imperial soldier until he got power hungry and rose up against with the original Imperial Force but after the original Imperial Force was defeated by Imperiax he manages escaped to the east where he build his slaver empire. After earning a reputation in east as slave master he created a title called the Slave King. When Scorch liberated King Kaptus and the Treants, Scorch became his number target. After joining the Charred Council he had gotten far lethal than anyone else in the Charred Council. In the Final Battle, he ordered his most powerful people including Vadim Ooze to move to dimension called Osmo, a few to guard his doomsday weapon and the rest into war with him but after dying at the hands of Scorch he revelled everything to him only to be stop by Scorch.

As the Slave KingEdit

In history, Ozmosis has accumalated more slaves than anyone else alive due to his hypnosis gas even more than Zyuse infact this is where he had gotten most his slaves from.


He is a very strict leader that only tolerates the best of things


  • Acid Generation & Manipulation


  • whip