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Vital statistics
The Overlords are some super intelligent lifeforms that were created from the Tree of Knowledge to provide advice to Neson. They are a counsel consisting of seven different almighty sentients chosen to assist the Supreme Overlord. They were given immortality & omniscience so that they could guide the Supreme Overlord to best possible solutions to millenium to come. When all seven are combined they are known as the Tribunal.


When Neson was appointed the title Supreme Overlord, they were spurred from the Tree of knowledge to give more effective advise to Neson. They were not really seen doing much except for the genesis of most of sentients lifeforms like Aliens and also for advising Neson not to participate in the Final Battle after foreseeing his death. Later down in time Overlord Four was seen working alongside Captain Karisma. After many years, they reappear as one to crown Captain Zero as the next Supreme Overlord but was unfornately they were wrong. After confronting Captain zero with the trials of the supreme overlord they found out that it was his son that was chosen to be heir of Neson.To stay close to Asmon Blade they assisted the members of the Resistance and the guiding the Chosen ones to their destinies.


Each of them consists of multiple personalities.


  • Nigh Omniscience
  • Immortality
  • Psionics/Omnikinesis
  • Knowledge Manipulation
  • Cosmic Manipulation
  • Creation