Abbysal Emperor by JasonEngle
Vital statistics
Real name Maarkus Thompson
Alias Devil
Species Demon, Shade, Undead, Mage

Maarkus Thompson is the main protagonist of MG: The Beginning and MG: The New Generation. He is the son of the legendary Magician and brother of Viktor and Hector Thompson. Maarkus was the ruler of Hell, king of the Shade, Demon and the Undead and leader of the Doomzday.


Maarkus is twin brother of Hector, who was always jealous of the affection given by The Magician to hector. Growing up, his hate for his brother was grew stronger everyday until was it virtually uncontainable. Zekriah who was the voice in Maarkus head that stirred his hate for his brother took maarkus under his wing in hopes of getting a better version of the magician. Under the influence of Zekriah he attacked Hector, only to leave in defeat. He then left only to returned with Venom, Brainiac, Quinn and Armatron. He and his new allies wage war against hector and his allies which resulted in one of the longest war in history. He later conquer Hell, Underworld and Underdark leaving Zekriah to believe his was the next SOURCE. In this war Maarkus went to extreme measures for victory but was defeated many times. Maarkus then sent Brainiac & Armatron to create a anti-Master Gods team called the Brotherhood which he used to counter his brother's Master Gods. but they were killed (except Armatron, Brainiac and Roamyne). Later in the war he had gain more allies like the Dragonnaires, Fatal Five and the Acolytes and but he got severely weakened. To provide a distraction so he could fully recover, he freed his brother Vince and the Revelation which was far more dangerous than the Doomzday. After the defeat of Revelation, Maarkus and his allies attacked Hector and his allies. They were unsuccessful in bringing an end to their longlasting rivalry. Before he died he trar nsfeJerome his spell-book and essence into him.


A very dark and gloomy one in which was always in use never as he change his emotional state


  • Necromancy
  • Hell-Fire Manipulation
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Demon forging
  • Demon Physiology
  • Demon Manipulation
  • Magic
  • Dimensional Manipulation