Vital statistics
Real name Kakache Xinjiang
Species Dragon

Is the son of Zaragoza and Ysanne Xinjiang and the Father of Quinje, Quinn and Quindolyn. He was the Dragon Emperor until Chenglei Thompson was born. He is a member of the Elders.


After being born as a Dragon Prince he was fuelled by the Dragon Force thus causing him to being in his demonic beast form (Dragon Emperor form). Being born like this the dragons had more respect for him than any other Dragon Emperor in history causing him to go in hiding to trained. When his father gave the title he began drawing all Dragon Empire soldiers from all worlds. He was the First good Dragon Emperor and very aggressive to the dragons when the disobey or question is orders. He later became a member of Elders where he met a human girl Risako Rai and produce three children Quinje, Quinn and Quindolyn. As a member of the Elders he had imprison is first born due the Magician's vision and prevent unrighteous leaders in the Dragon World. He mostly seen stopping inter-dimensional conquerors and prevent dragons from returning to their evil state. He is the longest reigning and most respected Dragon Emperor in history. When Cheeco was under the Dragon Emperor Curse and came to Dragon World he and the Dragonnaires overthrow him and forced the Dragon Empire aid him in conqueror everything. When Chenglei Thompson was born he disappeared whether he is dead or not.


He is aggressive and ignorant when it comes to peace in the Dragon World. He gives equality to all Dragon World residents.


  • Dragon Force
  • Dragon Emperor powers
  • Super Dragon Powers