Captain Karisma
Vital statistics
Real name Kahliel Blade
Alias The Galactic Warlord
Species Sentient

Kehiel Blade was one of three sons of the Ringmaster, twin brother of Tedesco, younger brother of Malcolm Blade. He was former Galactic Warlord & Galactic Overlord. He was a member of the Avarons, Doomzday and leader of the Confederates & the Union which is now known as the Galactic Unit. He was the father of Reyzer & Christian Blade, grandfather of Sierra Blade and great-grandfather of Asmon Blade. He was the leader & founder of the Resistance. Also called Captain Karisma.


He was born to the Ringmaster and his unknown mate. He was raised by his father alongside his younger brother Tedesco. After their father left, Tedesco was left in charge of the galaxy and disappeared, Kahiel also left. He was raised by Lord Galoon into the world of crime. After the death of Lord Galoon, he then rose out of the celestials and created his own intergalactic criminal organization that opposed the Union with new and powerful beings like Overlord Four & Braxton Norr. He was ranked the most dangerous and powerful being in space that attracted Maarkus to recruit him to Doomzday but instead got Brainiac. He was seen recruiting & training Chad Thompson and killing his brother Tedesco Blade, allowing him take over the Union. In MG: The End Part 2, he was the founder and leader of a defect alliance called the Resistance that opposed the Dark Knights and Genesis.

As the Galactic WarlordEdit

He gained the title of Galactic Warlord, because he was the only person who could defeat the Galactic Overlord. He was extremely power hungry and provided extreme tactics towards the fall of the Union. He was quite contemptuous since he fulfilled his dream to rule over space without the presence of his brothers.


He was a very dangerous man, who deployed emotions to concealed his true intentions.


  • Cosmic Manipulation
  • Psionics
  • Technomancy
  • Master Tactician
  • Master Combatant
  • Genius level intellect


  • Extremis Armour (his armour is more exquisite than any other blade)