Vital statistics
Real name Jerome Thompson
Alias Legend killer
Species Demon

Jerome Thompson was referred to as the legend killer, because he was took down more legends than anyone else in history. He was the grandson Jonathan Thompson, son of Sebastion Thompson (Bane) and nephew of Xavier Thompson. He was the father of Sanjay and Jeremy Thompson and the husband of Beverly Wales. Former member of the Injustice and Dynammik Squad. He is considered the reincarnation of his granduncle Maarkus Thompson.


He was born as the first & only child of Sebastion Thompson, before Sebastion's absence. He was raised by Johnny alongside Cheeco and Scarlett. As a boy, he left home to live with his best friend Xyenki Pride Jr and Roamyne Pride because Hector was calling all young Thompson's to be trained to be a hero. After moving in the house of the Pride's, he was to uphold the principles of being a villain and formed a group with Xyenki Jr. and additional members called the Dynammik Squad. Jerome was constantly oppressed by his cousins the New Gods and becoming extremely irritated, allying himself with Pegasus and disappearing into Hell, thus causing problems with his father. As he grew, he became the ruler of Hell and was recruited by Cheeco in his quest to conquer everything, thus becoming one the three original members of Injustice. He and Xyenki Jr. became arch enemies, because he did not wanted to relive the Dynamic Duo Story again. He allied himself to Ash who aided him many trials. He was called the Legend Killer because he started killing most of the legends who were not aligned with Injustice. He and Captain Zero later teamed up and killed Scorch and Scarcy. He was defeated by Xyenki Jr. who stole his spell-book and charms, which weakened him. He and Chad was later ranked as fugitives, because they acted of their own free wills in the Injustice-New Alliance War. Later, he, Chad and Cheeco teamed to take down the Dark Knights, but Jerome was killed by Exodus Magnus which helped trigger the formation of the Resistance.


He had a personality that made him think that he must not be led by any one but himself and everything he does is the best and always right.


  • Magic
  • Creation
  • Malefic Force
  • Destruction
  • Demon Physiology
  • Hell-Fire Manipulation
  • Transformation
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Necromancy