Icarus Blade
Vital statistics
Real name Icarus Blade
Alias Brain-man
Species Human

He is the son of Neson and the father of the Ringmaster. He is a former member of the Blackwatch and leader of the Seireitei.


He was borned in a village hidden from the world. Growing up he created devices that were far ahead of his time. He created advanced technologies that cause an industrial evolution on humanity like his father. For his ingeniusity he was recruited by Morpheus to joined Blackwatch to become the head of mechanical research and a one the four leaders. With the aid of the Blackwatch he conquered Zion and the Sentinels and converted it to the Seireitei. He was only rivaled by Ringmaster in intelligence who couldn't stand to see what he done with his grandfather legacy. After countless victories he later became I overconfident and was outwitted by own his son who inherited the Seireitei. He is known for his evolution in technology, terrorism & experiments throughtout the many universes. Unlike his father he didnt do things for the good of mankind.


He is a very patient and joyful person that thinks that his untouchable since he can outsmarts anyone but his son was able to see through his tricks he became aggresive and arrogant.


  • Psionics
  • Technomancy
  • Genius level intellect


  • Super-powered suit