Mr. MG
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Vital statistics
Real name Hector thompson
Is the youngest son of Magician and brother of Viktor and Maarkus Thompson. Husband of Lotus Ruth and father of Alexander, Jonathan, Nicholas, Shane and David Thompson He is the ruler of the Spirit World, leader of the Ancient Alliance, mentor of the Mastergods & Newgods and main enemy of the Doomzday. He is also known as MR. MG.


He is the good twin of Magician. Growing up The Magician usually take on his missions so he could gain experience to defeat Maarkus also it caused jealously in the heart of Maarkus. He was then attacked by Maarkus but manages to defeat him. Again, Maarkus with Brainiac, Xenon, Armatron and Quinn attacked him but was aided by Megatron, Neptune, God of War and Mother Nature that resulted both in the formation of the Ancient Alliance and the lasting war between them and Doomzday. He then mated with Mother Nature and produced five children. He was given a prophecy that he would not be able to defeat Maarkus alone so he created the Master Gods who were constantly faced by the Brotherhood. He, the Ancient Alliance and the Master Gods defeated Maarkus and allies in MG: The Beginning. In MG: The New Generation he gained new allies such as Demon Patrol, Oasis and the New Alliance they defeated Maarkus and his allies for good but died because The Magician said that it was his time.


He is a very happy person in the worst of all situation.


  • Life-Force manipulation
  • Holy-water manipulation
  • Light Manipulation
  • Divinty
  • Angel Physiology
  • Angel Creation
  • Angel Manipulation
  • Dimensional Manipulation