Vital statistics
He is main antagonist in MG: The End Part 2. He is the son of Zekriah Magnus and the older brother of Stevenson Magnus. He is the father of Matredox, Corre and Nikora Magnus. He is the first king of the Ergons, Ruler of Ergodox, Leader of Genesis, Dark Knight and the reincarnation of The SOURCE.


He was born in Krakatoa alongside his brother Steven whom was by their father Zekriah. Being his father favourite child allowed secrets to unleashed like his was the reincarnation of The SOURCE and that he was far more powerful than him resulting in betraying their father along with Steven who after was sent to Earth to infiltrate. He then began his conquest in Ergodox where he founded the Dark Knights army and alter founded Genesis as well. He wanted to conquered the Earth but had to wait because the Injustice was too powerful at the time so sent spies and kept hidden. After the fall of the Injustice, he immediately brought his army to Earth where he was interfered by the very thing he was trying to avoid, the original Injustice members but in their weakened state they were no match for him and that how he killed Jerome and the Genesis with the others. Before the inception of MG Academy he ordered the Nexus to infiltrate the school which they did. He then became bothered with the fact that Captain Karisma was always causing problems for him plus with the evolution of the Chosen ones so he ordered the Dark Knights to destroyed the school then take over the Earth which they. He then began conquering the dimensions but got into problems when he found out that Captain Karisma was alive and leading the Resistance that caused the Genesis-Resistance war resulting in the Fifth Order. He then recruited Che Che to gain entry into the Dragon World, information on the Resistance and new ally.


He is a very silent and violent person with the blood lust for warfare. He is a very good observant that does not make decisions without knowing his opponent first.


  • Malefic Force
  • Magic
  • Creation