Vital statistics
Real name Drake Thompson
Species Alpha
Drake Thompson was the son of Troy Thompson and Shaniel Chest. Leader of the Young Alliance, member of the Resistance and the reincarnation of Vincent Thompson.


He was born in the Heavens during the Injustice-New Alliance Wars. He was then raised by his father Troy but pass his training over to j because he had a war to fight. He then went to pre-MG Academy where he formed a group called the Young Alliance. After the war, he was enrolled into MG Academy where he made new friends, lost friends and gained many enemies. He fought for the rights of students. He made a major enemy with Corre Magnus while fighting for the school. Before the rise of the Dark Knights Era, he received an Alpha crystal from The Magician. After the rise of the Dark Knights era, he and and all the non-dark knight allies evacuated Earth with the help of Captain Karisma to Sentral. He and others underwent vigorous training by Zekriah Magnus, MJK and the Overlords to take their revenge against Genesis, Nexus and the Dark Knights.


Drake was a very jovial person with large amounts of compassion and love for everyone but after the rise of the Dark Knights, only hate, rage and vengeance.


  • Spiritual Manipulation
  • Spiritual Physiology
  • Aethereal Manipulation
  • Life-Force manipulation
  • Reality Warping
  • Dimensional Manipulation