Dark Knight
The Dark Knights were an army of Ergons that were defeated by Exodus, in his quest to conquer Earth and rid it of it's protectors and heroes. Exodus managed to give all of the members a vessel to mask their full power and their true form.


  • To fulfill the commands of members of the Genesis
  • To defeat their enemies


  • They have conquered the Earth and almost every known location and dimension (except Sentral, Dragon World, Heaven and Purgatory).
  • Defeated legendary characters.
  • Inspired fear into everyone and everywhere.

Dark-Resistance WarEdit

In this war they became more aggressive and proactive in their multi-dimensional conquest. They were the most powerful and progressive army in history. They were constantly interfered by the Resistance but somehow they manages to succeed every time. They say the when Charred Council defeated the Eternals the essence of evil will strengthen them to the greatest villains ever.