Vital statistics
Real name Corre Magnus
Corre Magnus was one of Exodus Magnus' three children and was the reincarnation of The Destroyer. He is an Ergon clone of Matredox Magnus created by Exodus. He was a member of Nexus


He was introduced as a member of the Nexus where he and his teammates were mysterious and powerful. He and his older brother Matredox were mostly seen patrolling the halls of MG Academy. It was later revealed he was a member of the Magnus Clan and was sent to infiltrate MG Academy. After the rise of the Dark Knights Era, he was seen undergoing vigorous and in battle with the Dark Knights against many dimensions.


He was a person who believes that there are people who are strong and those who are not. With ideals that only the strong should survive, makes him only half dangerous but with his aggressive attitude makes nearly unstoppable said even by General Kahliel Blade.


  • Energy Manipulation
  • Energy Absorption
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Physiology