Death Samurai
Demon knight by Edragon
Vital statistics
Real name Conner Long
Conner Long was formerly known as Country Kidd, but later became the Death Samurai. Former member of the Final Destination and a member of the Night Squad & Nexus. He was the older brother of Kiki Long, son of the Shogun and grandson of Wiseman. He was the protege of Daichi Sixx the founder of Night Squad.


Conner was a prestigious member of the Sword Village and a dangerous one. He was recruited by Chiki Pride to join the Final Destination when he heard a about a boy who killed a Dragon soldier. After joining the Final Destination along with his sister Kiki, he handled many covert missions with excellence and effectiveness. He aided in the defeat of Dragon Emperor Cheeco Thompson and was rewarded by his village becoming a training ground for many more samurai. At the MG Academy, he was a loner since he had lost all of his friends and conflicted with the former members and their friends until he was killed by Julian Mercer. He was resurrected by Genesis to join the Nexus and take his revenge against the Resistance.


As a human

  • Enhanced Swordsmanship
  • Great Reflexes
  • Enhanced Dexterity
  • Combat Expert