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Vital statistics
Real name Chiki Pride
Son of Cheeco Thompson & Kitty Pride, younger half-brother of Che Che, grandson of the legendary duo Xavier Thompson and Great-grandson of Johnny. Leader of the Horde, former leader of Final Destination and member of the Resistance. He is the reincarnation of Beast King and his accompanied by the son of Bulrush; Eli.


He was born in Kokobon village alongside Asmon Blade by their mothers. He, Asmon and their mothers were then kidnaped by Captain Zero and the Asteroids where they taken to live under Apocalypse's roof. He then was spilted by Asmon, where he had to go Dragones Academy forcing him to make friend with his half-brother Che Che and his friends. He then left after being confronted by Scorch and receiving Eli, where he alerted Asmon that these are men were not their fathers but shells of their true self. He and Asmon then began their journey to take down the Injustice with some additional characters resulting in the formation of the Final Destination. They aided in the defeat of the Injustice and were ranked as heroes. He and Asmon then spilted again but met at the inception of the MG Academy but Asmon got new friends forcing him to lone the corridors with Eli. He was then revealed that his father Cheeco and the original Injustice members was killed by high-ranking Genesis members. He then formed his own group called the Horde which was the reincarnation of the Blood Pack. As the leader of the Blood Pack, he met many trials like with his own brother Che Che and Nexus. He then evaculated Earth to Zion with the help of Captain Karisma and the Overlords. He then began vigorious & constant training sine his arrival and was ranked him as the most trained person in the Resistance.


He is a very mysterious character that seems to not care about anything and very alert towards to deepest situation. He also very humble person but at times violent and aggresive but very hardworking.


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