Che Che
Vital statistics
Real name Chenglei Thompson
He is the son of Emperor Cheeco Thompson & Dragon Queen Nikki Xinjiang , older brother of Chiki Pride and grandson of Xavier Thompson and Ashley Thompson. He is the prince of Dragon, former leader of Legacy and member of the Resistance but leader of the Nexus. He is the reincarnation of Zyuse the Terrible.


He was borned in the Dragon World after the death of his mother. With the death of his mother and his Step-mom Kitty leaving him and Che Che he sometimes wonder what his wrong with him this is why him and females can not connect. He went Dragones Academy where he beat all records set by legendary Dragons and past Dragon Emperors he seen as the champion of the Dragons. He created Legacy to copy his father teams such as Injustice and the Dragon Empire. He constantly fight for dominance of school especially with the foreign exchange students the . Out of all the Chosen ones he at last at mastering is powers said by Zekriah Magus but was later revealed that Zekriah was suppressing his powers so he would get angry and exhausted with all the training. He was approached by Zekriah who convinced him that he only can take out Exodus by himself. He then confronted Exodus but betrayed Zekriah after hearing the truth about Zekriah. Among his betrayal for the Resistance he was granted leadership among the Nexus which caused an immense rivalry with him and Matredox. As the leader of the Nexus, he was completely changed and was a granted a sub-spot in Genesis if he opened the portal to the Dragon World.


He tried to express his true at times but it never comes out good. He has a great hate for his half-brother Chiki Pride and Eli. He treat everyone expect Zane, William & Zeke like trash.


Che Che is only one that have dreams about his reincarnation.


  • Dragon Force
  • Dragon Emperor Powers
  • Summoning



Zyuse the Terrible is leader of the evil side so does Che Che becomes a villian or what