Vital statistics
Real name Braxton Norr
Alias Karisma' Brain, Doomzday's Nerd, Brotherhood'conscience
Species Psychic, Sentient, Alien

Braxton Norr was the apprentice and creation of the Overlord Four. He was father of Alice, Bruce Norr and son-in-law Chad Thompson. He was a member of the Doomzday and the Confederate and leader of Brotherhood. Braxton was also known as Brainiac.


Braxton was created by Overlord Four to assist Captain Karisma in conquering the universe. He was transferred to Maarkus because of an agreement he and Captain Karisma had. As a member of Doomzday Braxton sorted out strategies, tactics and ways to defeat enemies more efficiently. Due to his intellect and experience, he and Armatron were sent to form an alliance to face the Master Gods with Brainiac as it's leader. Although he was powerful, the group of teenagers was constantly foiling his plans and defeating him, so Braxton had his daughter infiltrate the group. She fell in love with Max. At the end of the show Braxton went into a battle with the Master Gods only to be defeated and demoted in Doomzday. In MG: The New Generation after he was demoted, he returned to his original group the Confederate where his loyalty towards Captain Karisma was tripled but had to keep hidden because of his agreement to Maarkus. With the rise of the New Gods he aided them to defeat the Acolytes so that he could replace Armatron but instead resulted in the introduction of the Dragonnaires. He was killed by Megatron in the battle with Doomzday, Fatal Five, Acolytes and the Dragonnaires against the Ancient Alliance, Demon Patrol, New Gods and Fresh Wave.


  • Psionics Manipulation
  • Master Strategist
  • Master leadership
  • Genius-level intellect