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Vital statistics
Real name Asmon Blade
Species Elementals, Human, Sentients

The son of Warlord Chad Thompson and Sierra Blade, Asmon Blade was the former leader of A-Team, former member of Final Destination & Legacy, a member of the Resistance and the reincarnation of Neson. Protected by James.


Asmon was raised by Elektra in the kokobon village. He spent his life studying and training with Chiki Pride every day, until Chad found him and brought him to Cheeco's Palace. After speaking with his father, Asmon realizes that his father wasn't that bad, went with him up into space to finish his studies and training at Galactic Lar High. When Cheeco drank the Dragones potion and changed, Chad was deemed wanted so he sent Asmon and Elektra to Earth and went to MG Academy where he met Chiki, Che Che, Drake, Legacy, A-Team and others. When Matredox and others transferred to the college, it was chaotic plus the destruction of the school and the conquest of the Dark Knights. After the death of his father, Cheeco and Jerome Thompson the Resistance was initiated along with the addition of powerful allies.


Asmon was a very intelligent and kind person. The academic records in MG Academy and Galactic Lar High was broken into and reset by him. He doesn't underestimate anyone, until he's done a full analogy on them. He was the only one of the Chosen Ones that had a reincarnated personality.


The inherited Thompson Elemental power was lost and only the new Blade family powers are there like;

  • Science Manipulation
  • Vast support of knowledge
  • Great Analysis capabilities