Armstrong Qinghai
Qian tang the dragon prince by darthiggy-d3jkldz
Vital statistics
Real name Armstrong Qinghai
Species Dragon

Armstrong Qinghai was the general of the Dragon Empire at Zyuse's command. He was the principal of Dragones Academy and was responsible for training future Dragon Emperors and noble dragons.


He was one half of Zyuse's along with Frazer Shaanxi. He was an expert in military warfare because Zyuse had left him to mask his disappearance by leading like him, he did a great job. After the death of Zyuse, he was one of the leaders of a dragon faction until Aragon Xinjiang ended it all. He was given a new job as a sergeant/principal to teach and train young untrained dragons.


He was a very strict, persistent and tedious person who wouldn't not stop till he gets victory even if it's meant death.


  • Dragon Physiology
  • Dragon Powers
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Master Tactician & strategist